Ring Camera in Rain - not good

Our ring camera views get wiped out in the rain. Alarm goes off and we view and see nothing but drops on the lens. Makes them virtually useless in light mist to rain. Was wondering if anyone has had any luck with covers or rain-x type sprays. We have no way to place under cover of house due to location and they are under eaves. Photo attached taken during alert.

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I have the same problem but was afraid to use something like Rain-x. I couldn’t find an enclosure that I thought would work so I’ve just made one out of a piece of 4" plastic drain pipe, which the camera will fit inside of. It needs a window about 3"x4" in front so a blowing rain can still get in, but I’m going to see how much that protects it from light tain and snow. There are a few plastic ‘ledges’ on Amazon to screw above the camera and provide a little bit more cover if your wall doesn’t have an eave to put the camera under, but I didn’t think that was much protection.

After a full day and night of straight down, non-blowing rain, I’m pretty happy with my DIY camera cover. I had no trouble seeing what was recorded, unlike having unprotected cameras in the rain. I always assumed there would be an issue in a storm or blowing rain, covered or not. Only 2 minor issues so far: By the first night, I already had a small spider web across the window which was invisible until the night vision leds turned on, and then made it difficult to see what was going on when it was blowing around. The enclosure looked like a little birdhouse, so several times per day, small wrens land on the bottom of the front opening and seem puzzled when they can’t squeeze in around the cameras (mine are black so they aren’t very visible against the matte black inside of the enclosure.) Given how simple they are, I can’t believe somebody hasn’t come up with something similar for sale.