Ring Camera (Floodlight) Wrong Notification Name on iPhone

So I just purchased a new Ring Floodlight camera, set it up with the default “Front” name.

Then I changed the name to “Driveway” and it shows correct and my Echo Show calls it Driveway correctly, but on my cellphone (iPhone) the notifications still say “Front”

It’s been 48 hours - how do I correct this. Someone suggested to delete and readd the device but that seems stupid to have to do?

Installing the Ring app did nothing. I can’t delete and re-add the camera because this will delete all existing footage.

Things I tried:

Make sure device is named correclty in Ring and Alexa App.

Disable and Reanable Motion notifications

Reinstall Ring App

Edit: Fixed by hitting setup on the camera and then hitting again to “resync”

Seems dumb to have to do this what if I decide to change the name again? But at least it is working now :slight_smile: