Ring camera battery

Ring camera batteries are fully charged
But after inserting them back in the phone app is showing low batteries
What do I do

I have a couple of issues. First the battery is lasting about two weeks. Pretty bad for a security camera (my ring doorbell batter lasts for MONTHS).

The other issue is that I have multiple batteries that I have charged and used in my stick-up cam indicates LOW BATTERY Please charge your device to enable Live View. I have used two different batteries, the blue light on the camera is on, but, nothing is happening.

Hey neighbors! @Rin22 Normally after recharging the battery and putting it back in, the camera should be able to up after a few hours, if not 24 hours and after a few events have happened. You may also need to reconnect the device to bring it back online if it is showing as offline.

@lajames27 If you have followed the above guidelines of giving the device some events to refresh what the battery percentage is at, and it’s still showing it’s low, then I would recommend to reach out to our support team via phone here. They can take a deeper look into your device and account to see why it is not reading the battery properly, as well as isolate why your battery is draining so fast!