Ring cam lights randomly coming on without an event/recording

Hi there! We have 2 doorbell cams, one wired flood light and 2 regular cameras on our property. Lately the lights will all randomly come on one after the other but there is no “event” or recording that shows anything even happened. Any idea what’s happening and how to make it stop? It’s so frustrating to have the lights flashing all night for no reason. We feed wildlife and film it and that camera keeps going off because of the flashing. I’ve included a video of that so you can see.

Thank you SO much in advance!!

Hi @JoLoKo. It looks like the video example you shared is from a Wyze camera. To confirm, are the rest of the devices you mentioned Ring devices? Do you know which device has the light coming on? If you have a Ring Floodlight Cam, it’s most likely this one as it’s possible the light is coming on due to motion detected by the light sensors that isn’t within the camera’s Motion Zones. It would also be helpful to know which model the other two Ring Cameras are. The model name can be found on the Device Health page.