Ring cam broadcasting wrong setup wifi

Has anyone had a situation where, when setting up a a ring camera, the app wanted to join one network… but the camera was broadcasting a different one?

One of my cameras went offline a while ago, and I just now got around to setting it back up.

After I scanned the QR code, the app wanted to join network ’Ring Setup 81’, but the camera was broadcasting ‘Ring Setup 38’.

The MAC address of the camera does end in 81.

Luckily I have the ring subscription so, although it took a while, ring is going to replace the camera.

Hi @fallingrock. I’m glad to hear that our support team was able to find a resolution for you! The replacement Camera should broadcast the correct setup network without issue. If this same concern pops up again, definitely touch base with our support team to see what could be causing it. :slight_smile: