Ring C02 & Smoke listener UK

Does anyone have any insight as to when the CO2 & Smoke listener will be available in the UK? It’s very frustrating the amount of time between launch in the US and the UK. I keep getting recommended to use it in my smart home solution but I can’t purchase it!!

Hey @bigj_309. After checking with my teams, we do not have an ETA at this time! Once we have a better idea, we will make sure to make a post in our News and Announcements section.

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I’d be interested in this or better still rings own smoke/CO2 alarm. Although in the US they partner with first alert, who no longer manufacture for Europe. Come on ring stop making minor changes to your perfectly good doorbells and expand the range.


Was only thinking myself the other day would love to add a Ring smoke alarm to my system. Seems like a great way to expand the product range.

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Perhaps they could link to one of the smart smoke / CO detectors already being sold in these countries?