Ring bulb to activate when doorbell is pressed

Hey y’all. I’ve had my doorbell for a few years now and I got the bulb to hopefully set it up to where it only goes off when the button is pressed. I can’t seem to find that option except for motion which I do not
want the light going off for, only record. I’m Deaf so this is something that will benefit me. I’m planning to get the Chime for my hearing roommates. The Chime won’t always work for me because I don’t always have my hearing aids in. I do NOT want the bulb going off for motion….that’s way too often! Any way to get the light to go off for the button? Thanks y’all!

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Hi @MaddieH. For this concern, I would suggest setting up either Linked Devices or an Alexa routine. You can learn more about Linked Devices here and Alexa Routines here. I hope this is helpful.