RING broke LIVE VIEW and they don't have the skills to fix the issue

I don’t want to hear any nonsense about rebooting, VPN’s or RSSI’s.

Ever since I updated to version 5.64.0 on IOS, LIVE VIEW has been intermittent on my Video Door Bell. All other cams work perfect. Before version 5.64.0 LIVE VIEW worked 100% of the time. I have to reboot my camera each day via the app since it decides to fail to connect to LIVE VIEW. It then works until the next day which I have to do another reboot. However if I go to the web and click LIVE VIEW the Video Door Bell works fine every time. That means if it works on the website but not on the app, it is the app which you people broke.

  1. I rebooted my phone.
  2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app
  3. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Video Door Bell
  4. I do not have a VPN.
  5. My Apple IOS is up to date
  6. My RING app is up to date
  7. My RSSI is -34
  8. RING customer service is useless. SAD!
  9. On my other non IOS phone, Andriod LIVE VIEW works fine.
  10. On my wife’s IOS phone running the older 5.56 ios app, LIVE VIEW works fine.
  11. Multiple people on Apple review, Reddit and the RING forums are reporting the same issue.
  12. The Video Door Bell is hard wire and the internal battery is at 96%
  13. All RING ports are open on the router. Nothing is blocked, no Fire Wall.
  14. Router has been rebooted

I wonder what ‘copy and paste’ response will be added to this thread. What other excuse can RING come up with? I keep my house at 72 degrees. Could it be I need to raise my AC temperature to 78 for the Video Door Bell to work? Maybe I need to eat more fruits and vegetables for my Video Door Bell to function.

I already called the US RING customer service number. The child who answered the phone had no other solution, was pathetic and could not provide any assistance.

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