Ring Bridge Messages

Yesterday, my ring floodlight cam indicated that it recorded a person at about 1145am. I was unable to get that video to play via my iPhone app, nor on my laptop.

During my investigation, and under my Dashboard History>Lights, see several instances where “Ring Bridge Reported Offline.” Between 10 and 30 minutes later there is a record, “Ring Bridge Power Was Restored.” These instances occurred on 2/4 and 2/5 2021.

I don’t have a Ring Bridge in my system (Unless there is one built into the floodlight cam). Thoughts, anyone?

Hi @BobbyG. This is definitely odd, as there is no Ring Bridge requirement for using the Floodlight Cam. Would you be able to upload a screenshot of this error message? This will allow me to share it with my team and possibly come up with a solution. Thanks!