Ring-brand Outdoor Siren for Alarm-US Availability?

I found a manual for a Ring-branded alarm outdoor siren on the Ring US web site, but I cannot find the siren itself for sale in the US-the only external siren I can find is the Dome indoor siren. The outdoor siren appears to be available for order for UK and EU customers (and possibly other countries), but it is unclear if the siren is compatible with US z-wave systems. I also noticed that there is a tab in the “Set Up a Device” for the alarm for the siren (Alarm Devices/Set Up A Device/Security/Siren), so now all I need is the siren itself! If anyone here has any info on how to purchase one of these and/or if the EU/UK version is compatible with US alarms and could post it, I would be much obliged. FYI, here is a link to the siren web page: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360054374931-Ring-Alarm-Outdoor-Siren-

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Hi there, @Webdweeb! We are discontinuing the sale of the current Outdoor Siren product in the U.S. and Canada, and are working hard on a new version of the product. We appreciate your interest, and will certainly share your feedback with our teams here! :slight_smile:

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Well that’s annoying! I waited for a year to buy an outdoor siren, finally saw it mentioned, and before I could buy it, it’s already discontinued! I guess I wait some more. Adding the alarm on the cameras is better than nothing, but not by much.

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I hope Ring/Amazon quickly comes out with an updated outdoor siren. My alarm went off because I didn’t realize it was on when we left the house without a phone. Our emergency people were so worried when they were alerted. Since Ring has already settled with ADT on the shape, why not just change the outside case already. If not, we’d like to know what other outdoor sirens are compatible with Ring Alarm Systems. This is a major flaw/disadvantage with ring alarms, IMHO.

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Can we get a status update on the outdoor siren. It’s almost been a year since ring settled with adt over the shape of the device. changing the shape seems like a rather simple fix.

Ring now makes outdoor contact sensors but no outdoor siren.

I have multiple outdoor ring camera that have sirens but those sirens are unable to link with the alarm system. This is another MAJOR flaw in the ring system. I can only manually set off the camera sirens. The ring alarm system can’t activate the sirens when the alarm is triggered.


Yes please produce a new an outdoor siren. Further, please produce a wireless relay output so we can still use the siren from our home security system. Ring obviously saw the need to convert older systems and produced the retrofit kit.

The fact ring doesn’t offer either an outdoor siren or the ability to use a powered siren seems ridiculous to me.

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Any update on this. Would be great to know a rough timeline. Thanks

I’ve been waiting for this for years. It’s way past due.

Hi neighbors! The Outdoor Siren for the Ring Alarm is discontinued and not available for purchase in the United States and Canada, as it is still available in the UK. We currently do not have any information on when a new Outdoor Siren will be available. In the meantime, if you have Ring Cameras with a siren, you are able to link them to the Base Station to siren when it is alarming. Follow these steps to link your Cameras with the Base Station:

  1. Open your Ring App.
  2. Open the side menu by tapping the three-lined icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Devices.
  4. Tap Alarm Base Station.
  5. Tap Base Station or Alarm Pro Base Station.
  6. Tap Linked Devices.
  7. Tap Alarm Sounding or entry delay
  8. Select the devices you wish to begin sounding siren when an alarm is triggered or begins entry delay.

Once we have news on when a new Outdoor Siren will be released, we will make sure to let the Community know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any news on when the new version of the outdoor siren will be released in the United States?

I want to use it as a better indoor alternative to the cheap little Dome siren? I have a 3000 sq/ft home and currently have several Domes in the house and also one in the garage. Just wish Ring would have, right from the get go, created their own indoor add-on siren that sounded like the base station.

Thank you

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Hi @jdk59505. At this time, there is no information on the Outdoor Siren. Be sure to check back for the latest updates. Thanks, neighbor.

Ring really needs to offer extremely loud indoor and outdoor sirens. I want the ability to have multiple so it’s extra loud and harder to disable then just going to the base station and smashing it, making them all over the house, outside, etc. The non ring branded dome siren is a joke, and the siren on the normal stick up cams are not loud at all, it needs to be deafening

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Hi @Dereileak. Take a look at this Help Center article here, where you can learn about using your Amazon Alexa devices to play Alarm Sounds.


I too am looking for an outdoor siren solution supported by Ring, preferably a Ring-branded solution. Fortunately, I do not leave my Alexa devices outside, so this is not a good solution (or deterrent) for thieves if I am attempting to involve my closest neighbors and the immediate area to someone up to no good at/in my home. Please add an outdoor solution to your lineup!!

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I also need an outdoor siren solution that fully integrates with my current ring alarm and outdoor camera system. Those outdoor cameras are not loud enough

Hey neighbors. At this time, the Ring Alarm system is not compatible with any third-party outdoor alarm sirens. We do have the Dome Siren, which can be used indoors to sound a siren in areas of your home that might otherwise miss it.

Confusing subscription models w/ one for cameras, one for alarm…
and no external siren - make these products kinda toy like.
I enjoy keeping tabs on a weekend place, but at some point I have to take security seriously. Having wireless issues here and there, or devices that you cant really figure out whats going on (fire/co alerts are hard to find), really detracts from the final experience.
I probably should have gone with pro equipment that I dont have to fiddle with.

I hope Ring is listening to it’s customer base, the outdoor siren is a well needed feature that needs to be available for customer’s(in the U.S.) who are serious about there security system. Also they need to produce there own version of the dome siren, which would work in-sync with the base station, so we could increase the noise level of the alarm system to our personal preference.

Hi @TheSecureWatcher. I just wanted to share this Help Center article here, where you can use Amazon Alexa devices to also play Ring Alarm sounds.

Hello- I would like to echo the sentiment in this thread. It is critical that Ring develop and make available an external siren–that is specifically for the ring alarm–for customers in the U.S. The previous one looked very good, and the fact that it is only available in UK, does not appear to do us any good–because as I understand it, it is a different frequency with the alarms, and would not be compatible. In order for Ring to be a viable alarm alternative (to ADT and other professional alarm companies)–they must make this external siren available, and hopefully very soon. It sounds like your users are very much asking for this product, and I would hope that Ring would respond appropriately to its customer base. We do not want alternatives such as Alexa or dome sirens, or ideas about connecting the ring cameras and their very small sirens. We respectfully request an outdoor alarm siren–similar to the one that has been discontinued. Otherwise, will be forced to stay with ADT. Please let us all know. Thank you.

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