Ring Battery v4 Pin Diagram & Lifespan?

Greetings Ringers!

I have three Ring Doorbell batteries from 2019. They’re still doing ok for batteries that are 4+ years old.

Question 1: Does anyone have a diagram for the pins on the v4 battery so I can properly test it with a multimeter? Actually, after taking a photo, I see that the pins are labeled:

( + / C+/ D / C / - ) <–Does anyone know what these pin designations are?

Question 2: What is the approximate battery capacity for a ring battery that’s about, say… 5 years old? Would it be somewhere in the 75% range?


Using a multimeter I was able to get these readings:

  • 4.14 volts using (+) and (-)

  • 14.5 mV using (+) and (C+)

  • All other readings were zero.

According the the battery housing the v4 model is 3.65 volts, but my 4 year old battery measures 4.14 volts?

Is it working for you? not working for me

@kkshah What is not working for you?

Not sure what you might be referring to, but my ring doorbell batteries are working. I have three v4 batteries from 2019 that I rotate out between two Ring Doorbell 2 units.

When I tested two out of the three batteries with a multimeter, they both tested the exact same 4.14V which I would think is just fine but the label states 3.65V. The only pins that resulted in a positive reading were the (+) and (-) pins and the (+) and (C+) pins. All other pin combinations tested were zero or negligible.

I’m curious what a new battery voltage measurement would be to compare and whether or not the capacity in % is about normal for their age (4-ish years old).