Ring battery spot light pro

I am building ring eco system and had bought spotlight pro camera. It’s only detecting motion upto 5ft.
I m reading RSSI value. What’s the best value to get motion detected as promised 30ft by ring.
My signal strength is good. So for not happy with the product. I have google mesh set up. Also replaced with new model. Is it something i also need to consider outdoor wifi booster?
Reading through available topics but didn’t get good answer. Creating new topics

Hi @AtulA. How high is your device mounted? Is the bubble on the bottom of the cam parallel to the ground? What is your RSSI value? Can you share a picture of your Motion Zones? This information will help in determining how to correct this concern.

Hi @Tom_Ring ,sorry i never got notified on reply and couldn’t search my own post.


Here are the answers
My camera height is 7-8 ft above ground ie deck. Yes bubble is parallel to ground. Is there any manual to guide exact position, i can give it try as per that. My RSSI value is between -55 & -65 Also attaching pictures of motion zone

Today i tried to install access point to improve RSSI value and went up to -45 to -50. But no luck, it does detect motion after 5 ft. Since i have attached motion zone, expecting detection at all corner which is well within 30ft. Quite unhappy so far :slight_smile:

Hi @AtulA. Thanks for sharing that screenshot. Is motion not being detected within the Motion Zone that you have set? If so, can you explain where it’s not being detected? We typically don’t cite an exact distance range, given that everyone is going to install their Cameras at a slightly different angle, height, and position. All of those factors are going to affect the motion detection to some degree.