Ring battery icon changed

Anyone else noticed the battery icon has changed (at least on IOS apps) to not only show the level of battery charge but also if it is being charged by a solar panel (at least I think that is what it is)? There is now a “sun” peeking over the icon and a “lightning bolt” on the icon presumably indicating it is currently charging (see image below).
Hopefully this indicates that issues around whether a ring camera is connected to a solar panel or not may have been resolved? I have three cameras connected to panels and not only does it vary from day to day but often throughout the day as to whether a panel is connected. I also get messages saying a solar panel is connected but sunlight is too weak to charge which is nonsense when the panel is aimed directly at the sun on a cloudless Australian day in the middle of summer and with the charge level showing 100%!

Whoops…spoke too soon. All my solar powered Ring Cams have now reverted to the old symbol and are again telling me I need to add a solar panel to extend life. This despite all the cameras returning to 100% charged within an hour or two of sunrise.

really wish the Ring software engineers could get this sorted. Been going on for over a year now.

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