ring base station.

why does my base station all of the sudden keeps going on and offline while connected to wifi after a month with no problems in the past? I checked router and internet and wifi strenght and all is good. position of base station hasnt moved and is @ 5 feet from wifi router. I reset base station and still getting same results.

Good question @bc3159! It certainly sounds like your signal strength and distance from router are optimal for connection. Fluctuations in wifi or connection can happen for various reasons, which can often be checked in router settings. With the Base Station being close to the router, another option is ethernet connection.

If this concern persists, or the above does not assist in resolving, check with our support team for a closer look at these symptoms. Feel free to let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advise… I connected the base via ethernet wire and so far no more problems. Just wondering why wifi started with the problems after a month of no problems. Nothing has changed prior to the problems. Just wish i knew what cause it, cause the base station was easier to get to before than now. Thanks again.

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