Ring base station will not reconned if wifi goes down

My ring base station will not reconned if wifi goes out. If my router reboots, or we loose power the ring base station will not reconnect. I have to go pull it iff the wall unplug it and remove the battery for it to reconnect. Device info shows FULL signal and router reports the the base station has excellence signal.

As a test move the base station as near to a WiFi access point (or vice versa) and see it reconnects better for you.

There is one wall between the router and base station… if it was a week signal the app should report it… my ring doorbell ( thats farther away ) and reports lower signal, is reconnecting without problems

Do you have anything to lose by trying a simple test? Most of the issues that I’ve seen in these forums revolving around devices reconnecting is proximity to a WiFi access point.

of course up to you. . . .

Good luck!

Im seeing a -49 to -51 dbm signal, thats an extremely good signal strength.

Hi @Jeremy1021. If you have verified signal strength is good to your wifi on your Ring Alarm Base Station, you can try a reboot on your Base Station. To do a reboot, Quickly press and release the reset button at the back of the device with a paper clip or similar tool. DO NOT PRESS AND HOLD THE RESET BUTTON DOWN LONGER THAN ONE SECOND TO AVOID FACTORY RESETTING THE DEVICE . If the Ring Alarm Base Station still has the same concern, I advise to please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Is it not rebooted EVERY time i have to power cycle it by unplugging it and removing the battery to get it to reconnect???