Ring Base Station Pro Endless Issues

I purchased the 14 piece ring base station pro on Feb 13 so i could monitor my elderly parents better.

It was delivered and i attempted to install it on Feb 21. The base station would not connect via ethernet or wireless to my router. It would only work on its internal cellular connection.

After over 3 hours with various customer service reps ring decided it was faulty and would send me a replacement. I received an email notfying me that a replacement would be sent and a label would be sent within 24 hours for me to return the faulty device.

On march 7 i called ring to find out why my replacement device had not been delivered nor a label sent for the defective device. Customer service told me they would check and contact me back. I never heard back.

On march 10 i called again and was told they had no record of my call and the HOURS of troubleshooting and they could not replace my device without going through all the troubleshooting again. I told them i had an email from Ring stating the device was being replaced, but they did not care. I asked to just return the device. The rep said that they would send a link for me to obtain a return label. I went to the link and guess what, i couldn’t return the base station. I could return the ring signs and stickers hah!

I had to call back and go through another half hour call at the end of which i was told to expect an email in 24 hours with a label once someone internally had looked at the issue. So waiting.

Terrible experience.

Your Ring Alarm Pro is designed to be the primary router, or gateway, for your home. It should not be added to an existing wifi network. For steps and a visual walkthrough on setting up the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station, check out our Help Center article. and video below.

As you’ve worked with our support team in the past, continuing with troubleshooting or handling with them will lead to the quickest resolution, if further assistance is needed. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.