Ring Base Station (gen1) died and I can't remove if from locations

Ring Base Station (gen1) died and I can’t remove if from locations. Online it shows “system updating”. The base station itself is dead. No blue circle lights, no wifi light, only a red lightning bolt when plugged in.

In order to remove the base station from a ‘location’ in order to replace it with a new base station, it says I must remove all the devices first. But while it is in “system updating” mode (which is constant), there is no access to the individual devices in order to remove them!

I have contacted Ring Tech Support twice, and they cannot seem to figure out how to remove the base station from my account. For some reason Tech Support is not even able to remove it from their side. On the phone with them for about 45 minutes, and then they tried to transfer me to a higher level support, and of course then I got cut off. FRUSTRATED!!!

Does anyone out there perhaps have a solution to this?

Hi @Kengull. You can try factory resetting your Ring Alarm components, like the Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors, and then try to remove the Base Station from your location after that. You can find steps on how to factory reset your Ring Alarm devices in our Help Center Article here. Give that a try and then try removing the current Base Station. If this suggestion doesn’t do the trick, I recommend following up with our support team as you may have to work with our advanced support team to find a resolution that works.