Ring base station does not connect back to Wi-Fi


We lost power for few seconds today. The Ring alarm system went to Cellular back-up mode. The power to wi-Fi router was restored and all devices connected to the router with no issues. The Ring base station continued to be on cellular back-up. I waited 4 hrs. It did not re-connect back to wi-Fi. I then manually reset the base station and then it was able to connect back to Wi-Fi. The router and the base station are 10 ft away.

This is an issue. If we go on vacation and if we lose power, then the Ring system will be on cellular back up only, till someone resets the device manually. There is no provision to reboot the device through app

If it is that close could you use a cat5 cable?

Did you exit the app and come back in?

I would definatly kill the wifi again to test often.


Yeah… tried killing the app as well. No use. I cannot run an ethernet cable because the router & base station are on separate walls in the room. I seriously hope that Ring have a solution for this.

I feel your pain.
Mine seems to constantly lose connection to the WiFi even though all other devises work. I have to manually turn off and on the WiFi every day or so and it will connect back.