Ring Base Station disconnects from WiFi during power outage


I have recently acquired the Ring Alarm system and am enjoying it a lot, but I realised that during power outages my base station switches to the Battery Backup and then automatically disconnects from my WiFi network and switches to the cellular network.

My WiFi is working perfectly fine on all of my other devices including my Ring cameras (the Router is powered by my Ecoflow inverter during these outages).

Is there a way I can prevent the base station from disconnecting from the WiFi?

I saw in another community post that it was confirmed this is not supposed to happen:

And therefore I am not understanding why it does happen.

Hi @Karina01. To clarify the answer from that post you shared, when the Ring Alarm System goes into battery backup, it will continue to run normally for 15 minutes after a power loss in order to prevent disruption during an accidental power loss or brief outage period, which means it stays connected to your wifi. After 15 minutes, it activates cell backup to conserve power. When your power goes out, is your Base Station going right into Cell Backup, or is it staying connected to your wifi for 15 minutes before going into Cell Backup?

Hello Justin,

No, it does stay connected for a few minutes and then switches over to the cellular network.

Is there anyway to prevent this from happening and keep the Ring Protect Plus membership?

Or is the only option to cancel the membership?

@Karina01. You are not able to change this. It is how the Ring Alarm functions.

Just to clarify, if I were to cancel the Ring Protect Plus subscription and therefore not have any Backup Cellular connection, would the base station stay connected to WiFi after 25 minutes or will it loose it’s Internet connection entirely?

@Karina01. If you cancel your Ring Protect Plan that adds the benefit of Cellular Backup, your Ring Alarm would not have Cellular Backup. Therefore, after 15 minutes of no power, it will fall offline completely until it gets power back.