Ring Apps won't work

Tte Ring Apps is not working , i got Notifications on my phone and try to Open it and everything went on Failed all … try to Uninstall and install the Apps end up i can’t even get login into cause of the Verifying code keep saying Something When wrong so i can’t get into Apps anymore try all … Please Ring Company Fix this Problem we need to access on Our Ring specially this Time

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Mine is the same started with no Internet connection tried everything, then deleted app won’t let me log in says for code then received code on mobile phone then says something went wrong

Their network is currently down.

Do they know when their network will be back up

Check here for the latest information. Ring.com Status


No update for 1h and half for a security device this is not good support. Down detector show massive outages in Birmingham and other cities. Not impressed after I week of use. Plus can’t seem to stop it picking up the double decker bus!

AWS services are down across the board for services that use it. This is not Ring’s fault and Amazon is working to fix it.

I am having the same problem. Did the uninstall and re- now I can’t get in. :worried:

Hi neighbors. Like @SolarEclipse mentioned earlier in the thread, you can check the status for Ring on our status page here . As of Dec 7, 15:56 UTC our teams have identified an issue that may cause failures throughout the app such as settings changes not saving and live videos (dings, motions, live views) to fail to connect. This issue may also cause login failures on all platforms including Ring.com.

Customer Support phone and chat systems are also affected. Neighbors may have difficulties getting in touch with our support team. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

As of Dec 7, 18:57 UTC technical teams have identified a root cause and continue to work on resolution. Some services have started to experience partial recovery. You may still see some of these concerns appear, so we appreciate your patience as our teams work to resolve this. :slight_smile: