Ring Application and VPN

I got a ring doorbell 2 a couple of days ago and everything was great and working fine.

In my router I have configured a VPN that is used only for some particular devices. My iphone is one of these devices. My Ring Doorbell 2 does not use the VPN

From yesterday I can no longer log into my Ring App (and Rapid Ring App) via my phone if the VPN is connected. Are Ring blacklisting IP addresses from known VPN providers?


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Hey @davidbutler62. As of December 2019, we no longer support the use of VPNs while accessing Ring, Rapid Ring, or Neighbors applications. In order to use these applications, you will need to disable their VPN or ask their VPN provider to help them exclude Ring traffic from the VPN. Hope this helps!

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I’m still able to use my VPN. Hope it doesn’t stop. I need it to get access at work for videos. I use one in my state. Maybe that’s why it stills works for myself and others at work. They’d be very upset if they lost that access.

This is bad news for me, and will I probably not purchase any more ring products due to this limitation.

Since my VPN is configured in my router it might be possible for me to exclude Ring App traffic but I would first need a list of all Ring hosts that the app connects to. Can you provide me that information?

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So now it started working again with the VPN running. Hopefully it will not stop again :slight_smile:

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You ever find a work around?

My issue was Live View doesn’t work with NORD VPN active. I am using NORD VPN / Ring on Apple products - iPhone, iPad, Mac Air. Chatted with Norden - Setting VPN protocol to IKEv2 (Apple protocol) seems to have resolved the issue. Hope this helps.

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want to see if you still have Ring app working on your VPN. I use another well known VPN called Windscribe. There are settings for iKEv2, UDP, TCP, and Wireguard. None of them will let me see my live Ring video. I can whitelist URLs – I tried ring.com but that doesn’t work. Maybe I need to put some amazon server. Not sure. I hope someone knows what server I need to unblock. I have no problem if Ring has to bypass my VPN, I just want it to work.

Hi there, neighbors! Due to the technical issues that VPNs can cause, and to maintain reliable performance and a seamless experience for our customers, we no longer support the use of VPNs. Also, our security systems block IP addresses used to exploit or attack our systems and occasionally VPN IP addresses fall into that category.

Ring values the trust our neighbors place in us and we are committed to the highest level of customer information and data security. As we continually work to make our devices and services more useful and secure for our users, we are actively developing new security features and capabilities. Check out our help center article about VPN and the Ring app for more information.

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Did you ever get this to work? I’ve spent many hours over several months and now the Ring people are telling me it is my router. Even though the VPN is shut off, the doorbell will not connect to the app. It connects to the router fine, just not to the app. Ring is saying just because I have dd-wrt firmware on the router (even with the VPN shut off) that the doorbell will not work. I need to find a workaround because I’m now way past the return window for this worthless doorbell.

I can understand security but this is a total inconvenience especially since where I work if I’m lucky to even get on the wifi it’s very low. What are we supposed to do if we are out in the street not near wifi? This is leaving is unsecured we can’t see our property without wifi and if we do have the alarm we are just screwed… even when I’m home I don’t have my phone connect to the wifi never have I have unlimited data no need to connect to wifi…there has to be a better option then this, I have like ring products for a very long time but this huge change right here is making me regret it…

Hi @Epic31. While Ring does not support the use of VPNs, you can still use wifi and cellular data on your mobile device in order to access the Ring App. Cellular data is not to be confused for a VPN, as cellular data is part of your cell phone plan and allows you to access the internet when you are not connected to wifi. I hope that helps clear things up. :slight_smile:

This is very disappointing. I am not going to downgrade my vpn. An I can’t use cell phone data as my phone is also on vpn, so… I will be returning the doorbell. That leaves me with holes in my door facing now. Oh so upset with this product.

Ring is dead to me. There is no good reason for this other than ring trying to keep its datamining afloat. Boo.

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Have you tried resetting your router I did this and it works with vpn and I can stream live with no issue I guess it may have something to do with the IP address changing

The only worse app/software mess that I have ever experienced worse than Ring, is Verizon.

I have an account for Ring forum, but it just made me go in circles saying i have changed browsers, forcing me to create a new account, even after i put in my password and authenticator app code. multiple times.

I came to say, I get a motion detection buzz every time pets walk by, but I cant snooze it anymore, cant use the app to see anything. I got the"Unacceptable" problem with my VPN somehow, lately.

The app came up totally empty, white screen with “unacceptable”. and then I have to go scrounge for information.

Are customers ok with getting a notification someone is at their door and they have to turn off their vpn just to see what it was?

It is the second worst app experience ever and I will try another camera.

I have had a VPN for years and now it drops the ring. I turned the ring cams off on the VPN and still can’t get them to reconnect. I have 2 others that are connected fine. Makes no sense.

The directions for using a VPN now indicate that as of Dec 2019 Ring won’t work unless you exclude it from your VPN, but what is the address I need to exclude or allow through? I realize the process for each VPN safelist might be different, but surely there is one verifiable address from ring that handles the live view?

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Sure your making “security features” but everyone else isn’t! I have to turn off the vpn FOR EVERYTHING to use ring, its crazy. This decision you guys made is unacceptable, and I’ll seriously be considering using other products because of this. You obviously don’t care about users privacy

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I have several Ring products and have since inception for many years. Express VPN has worked for years with Ring products seamlessly. This is a choice Ring/Amazon has made for unknown reasons, never was a safety concern before. Now they just cant track your I.P. address and gather more info.
Sadly I will be replacing my Ring products as well, its not something I want to do, but I wasn’t given a choice Be tracked give up privacy or use someone else. Many will take the later i’m sure.
I hope this is reconsidered once thousands of dollars get invested with another company most will not return.