Ring App Won't Let Me Register My Address

Well, it was a nice gesture. Received the Ring doorbell as a gift. Two hours into it so far and I’m not able to get the app to work.
The problem started when I attempted to register for the first time, only to be told my email address was already in use. Impossible, I thought. Looked into the existing account and someone had registered with my email. How?? Don’t they need to receive a verification email from Ring? So I requested a password change and, sure enough, I received an email and quickly changed the password and also confirmed two step verification. So that seemed to be taken care of.
Next, I attempted to add my address to my account, but the app won’t allow it. I called Ring support and was told to use a different email because MY email is registered to someone else in another state. WTF?? I suggested they wipe the existing account and let me start fresh, but I was told the that cannot be done since the other account holder registered first.
Ring is being returned. How can a company selling security be so insecure with customer accounts??

Why don’t you check to see just hold badly your account was hacked in some previous data breaches. There are sites that will tell you if and how bad it was. Then you can check your password to see if that password in out there too. No one can take your email address and use it on Ring without getting an email from Ring to verify your address. So if I was you I’d be more concerned that your email and password was breached and anything you used both for in the passed in now also possibly hacked like Ring with your account.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I thought it was highly suspicious that someone else was able to use my email. The first thing I wondered was how they got around the confirmation email?
My email doesn’t appear to be hacked as I’m not seeing any suspicious activity or oddities of any kind. That said, between this and the inability to set my location with the app, I’m returning the doorbell. Seems like it isn’t worth the risk.

Hi I purchased my ring alarm from a third-party and it’s only been four months now but there is no change of ownership ring customer service has not called me back and I am without an alarm just because it cannot be reset and I can’t take over ownership without a receipt even though it was bought on a yard sale was told I’d receive a call back and never did

Hi @Shannonb007! It sounds like you are trying to complete the steps of our Change of Ownership process. At Ring we value your security and your privacy, which is why we recommend attempting these steps to gain ownership to a Ring device that may have been owned by someone prior.

If these steps in the above help center article did not assist you in gaining ownership, please reach out to our support team by phone for the best next steps. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi I have talk to representatives from ring three times now and they haven’t gotten anywhere with this I haven’t even emailed them screenshots of the best I could have private purchase from a third-party and all they’re telling me now is wait another three days to hear from them yet I never did in the beginning. I have done everything I can yet they say I can only get 30% off of one of their expensive cameras in which I can’t because I’m on disability and I can’t afford something like that that’s why I purchased it third party.

Sorry to hear about this experience, neighbor. If the change of ownership process has not worked for you, our support team is the next best step. If you have not already, sending them the proof of purchase can certainly help with this process.

If the seller is the previous owner, you can also try contacting them to authorize the change of ownership. We will certainly share this feedback with our teams here to ensure we are handling these matters efficiently as intended.