Ring app video freezes

Ring app on iOS live video freezes. Discovered when on same Wi-Fi as ring devices it happens. Turning off Cell data or switching to 3G from LTE fixes the issue. Turning off Wi-Fi fixes it as well. Can we get an app update to fix this issue so I don’t have to switch off cell data when on local Wi-Fi? It only does this with on our iPhones with Verizon service.

Adding a device to your home WiFi network could impact your Ring device or any video streaming, depending on bandwidth and network resources. If removing the device from wifi or changing your mobile device connection helps, this will likely be resolved through WiFi or mobile connection troubleshooting. I recommend also ensuring there is not a VPN enabled on your mobile device.

Try out the Rapid Ring app, designed for optimal access to live view. :slight_smile:

Please read my issue again. Turning off cellular fixes the issue. Video works fine from web as well on same Wi-Fi.

Ring- there are other threads dealing with this same issue with no resolution from your company. This issue needs to be acknowledged and resolved by Ring.