Ring App ver 5.49.0 History Tile

I noticed with the install of Ring App ver 5.49.0. The History Tile on the dashboard is slow to update the count of new detections for “all” cameras.

My first camera count shows immediately upon opening the app. Other cameras show the additional detection counts after the app has been open for 5 sec. The count can be updated sooner if the page is scrolled down.

This is irritating in that the initial view does not show an accurate count of detections.
This was noticed only after the install of 5.49.0.

i.e. (oh, I only have two new detections , oh now it shows 10 total on all cameras)…

Which brings to mind, I’ve asked for a few years that a total count be displayed on the (badge desktop icon) so at a glance from the desktop one could see if there are new detections without opening the app. This feature would be very helpful.

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Thank you for this feedback! I’ve tested using an IOS device and all Camera Previews are displaying quickly with the new event history indicators in the top left of each preview. While everything on your Ring app dashboard should load right away, this can differ with connection and other variables. For instance, with Camera Previews and battery-powered Ring devices, these will wait for a request from the app to generate an image.

When it comes to the red new event indicator bubbles, these should always display immediately upon opening your Ring app, as long your mobile device has sufficient connection and there is not a VPN enabled. Also, a bubble might not appear if there are no new unseen events. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

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So, once again as usual, when I experience a problem and report it, the problem is always said to be on my end as you describe in your reply. Well I just download the latest Ring app, 5.50.1 and I find that this problem has been fixed.

Once again I ask myself, why do I bother reporting problems, because of course the problem is always on my end. In reality the problem is usually because of the developers not testing properly before release.