Ring App using mobile data while connected to Wi-Fi

Please let us know if you remember what setting you changed. You would think there would be lot more complaints about mobile data usage while on wifi on Android 12. Did not see any complaints on amazon reviews.

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Same issue on new samsung and Android 11 the only fix I can see is when access cameras turn off mobile data and works wifi. My LG phone works fine also android 11

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I solved my usage problem on s21 android 12 by restarting my router. Let me know if it solves
your data usage problem while on wifi.

I just uninstalled the Ring app until this is fixed. This is ridiculous.

Manually turning off mobile data while on wi-fi (and remembering to do so!) is not an acceptable solution.


Did you try restarting your router?

Yes. Also this issue was happening everywhere I went with wi-fi, not just at home.


Agreed. This is 100% a bug in the app, not a router issue.


If there was bug in Ring app wouldn’t everybody be complaining? I believe there are millions of users on ring cameras. I did not see 1 complaint on amazon review.

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Is everyone using a Samsung phone? I am and it seems like many others are as well. Maybe we should be complaining there.

The issue is not limited to Samsung/Android users. There are some iPhone users who are experiencing the same. Refer to this other post: Ring app used 4.8gb of mobile data in two hours

This is not a router issue. It’s definitely a bug.

Appended: One of the app “permissions” from Google Play is “connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi”. While I’m able to toggle this off on my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone, I’m sure there’s a valid reason for it to be specifically identified as a “permission”-- so I don’t want to mess with it. I suspect that the app Developer may not have properly accounted for this “permission” for some specific phone settings in earlier Android and iOS app updates. I don’t see how else both Android and iOS Users (some and not all) could be experiencing the same problem. If there is a specific phone setting that may need to be User-modified in order for the app to work properly, the Developer should at least identify the specific modification – otherwise, fix it as an app bug.

Appended #2: Caution for Users w/”Thin” Mobile Data! I just “Answered Motion” through the Rich Notifications setting on my app – 60 seconds on one of my Stick Up Cam Elite devices. This single 60-second event clip consumed 11.31 MB of my mobile data (most of it background data) while on my home Wi-Fi network. So be judicious in how you use the Answered Motion feature since this is, in reality, the same as Live View!


Going to report to Play Store today as well. Thank you for pointing out how to do this.

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My previous post was flagged (I wonder why lol). Here it is again:

This has simply gone on far too long!

I’ve now reported this to the Google App Store - instructions on how to report an app:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app .
  2. Go to the detail page for an app or game.
  3. Tap More and then hit the three dots Flag as inappropriate .
  4. Choose a reason. - Data Abuse
  5. Tap Submit .

There is a specific category when you report called “Data Abuse.” I referenced this forum post and explained that the app does not respect the use of WiFi when connected and instead uses mobile data.

Perhaps other should also consider reporting this issue, this might speed things along.


New year, same issue. Not fixed. I flagged in the play store as suggested and also left app feedback with the same.


I’ve got the same problem with iphone and the customer service on the phone was horrible and keeps saying it’s out of our scope! and to avoid data consumption, turn the data manually off, then what if i go out of wifi coverage? no issues, sir, turn it back on.
i’m a new customer with ring, with the level of support I got, i think i’m done with them.


Same problem with Galaxy S10, cost me over $100 in data overages before I figured it out. Ironically I had to enable mobile data again to get my 2-factor authentication to log into Ring :slight_smile: This isn’t a phone or service provider problem, its a ring app problem. It uses mobile data anytime its turned on. We can’t all run around with mobile data turned off.

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I just downloaded the January update and I’m cautiously optimistic so far.

Based on my data monitoring app, it appears that Ring used no mobile data when I viewed my three cameras while on WiFi just now.

Curious if others are noting the same thing after the latest update.

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Thanks, same here. I’ll continue to test it out over the next few days just to make sure it holds up.

Update: With all default settings restored, the updated app worked properly with both of my Wi-Fi networks. For me, the Jan ’22 app update has finally resolved the issue.

I’m glad to report, as others have mentioned, the issue seems to be resolved with the latest update 3.48.0.

It’s unfortunate that it took 3+ months to get this done and with no acknowledgement from Ring that the issue even existed in the first place. The first rule of crisis management is always to acknowledge the issue! The public tends to be patient when you do that.


This has not been fixed on iPhone. I’m on v5.49.0 on iPhone 11 Pro and still have the exact same problem: Ring app uses mobile data when on WiFi. @Tom_Ring or @Marley_Ring… what is the status on the fix for iOS?


This should not be happening. Our support team will be happy to take a closer look for you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.