Ring app using Excessive amount of data

All of a sudden just this last month and now this month as well, the Ring App is using an Excessive amount of data on my phone. We are talking 20+GB of data. While all of a sudden is this happening now? This is taking up my data plan on my phone. Devs need to look into this.

Ring_Magician -

Is the Ring app active on your phone for many hours a day and/or night… or do you launch it on an “as needed” basis?

Does anyone know of any “white paper” or other write-up that describes what type of information is being sent, who it is being sent to, and who it is being shared with?

Data use will be reflected in how often the camera is recording something to the cloud. Ring added a feature that takes a snapshot every few seconds… turn that off, otherwise you’ll eat TONS of data. I have 3 cameras, and have been using about 4 gb each month.