Ring app stuck on "loading"

I have 5 wireless floodlight cams, and 2 doorbells. Over the past year I have been having issues with opening “live view”. I get a motion notification, and click on it. Sometimes I have a picture within seconds, sometimes it gets permanently stuck on the “loading” page. If I close off the app completely by swiping it away, and restart the app, I have a live view instantly. This happens on my iPhone 12 Pro, and also on the iPad Pro. It happens when the device health is good, and I have high speed and reliable Internet. The device and app software is all updated. It seems like a bug in the app. Is it a known problem, and is there a known fix?

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Hi @NTMJ. Do you leave the Ring app open in the background consistently, or are you opening it for the first time when you tap on the notification to access Live View? Does this happen across wifi and cellular data connections, or is it isolated to only one connection type? Do you have any battery optimization apps or any VPNs enabled?

Hello Caitlyn, thank you for your reply and sorry that I didn’t reply earlier - I had expected a notification for new comments but none came. No VPN, No battery optimization apps. Interesting question about WiFi or cellular. I shall have to check this out - Just checked all the cameras with WiFi, and got a connection immediately - always the way when you want to check things out. I shall try switching between connection types in the coming days, and let you know. I always have the app running in the background, and only close it off by swiping up when trying to get connected. That usually helps, but not always. This morning and this afternoon it was hopeless, and now in the evening at 10pm all camera’s give an instant connection. I can’t explain that - we have a fast Internet connection, and use very little bandwidth in the daytime. I’ll get back to you.

Hello again Caitlin, it’s been a while again, but for a good reason. I started looking for differences between WiFi and cellular, but suddenly after my last mail, the camera images from all camera’s come on line almost immediately - WiFi and cellular. I haven’t changed any settings in the cameras or in my WiFi installation, so it’s a complete mystery to me what the cause may have been. I have waited a while to see if it was now stable, and it seems to be. I just hope that this is one problem I can put behind me. Thanks again for the support.

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@NTMJ I’m glad to hear this issue has resolved itself and everything is working smoothly for you. I hope everything continues working well. :slight_smile: