Ring app stopped working after deleting one location

I already called about this problem, but wanted to write also, if someone else if facing similar problems.

Our (My and hubby) Ring apps stopped working after deleting one location ( we had 5 locations in total).

Ring app opens but shows error message “Couldn’t load your location.” And the 3 lines (hamburger menu) opens blank, so we lost all visibility to all our location and all our cams just by deleting only one location.
All the 4 location left and their cameras are visible on browser tho, and also notifications come to our phones (android) but one cannot open or view the cameras.

I hope this problem is solwed quickly as the blindness in security cams is highly annoying.

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No help, anyone? Only option to make anothetr account and activate all the (30+) cameras again??:cold_sweat:

Hi @user32819. I was able to find this post where other neighbors are experiencing the same concern. There is a marked solution stating that we are aware of the concern and working to resolve it. Thank you for your time and patience.

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Im on day 20 of this exact issue. Ring has been telling us they are working on this glitch between all Android Samsung ultras and all ring cams. Unfortunately, its a bug that came with the most recent update and nothing can be done to fix this thus far. Level 2 tech is unable to tell us anything besides wait for emails back.

Though, I’ve loved all my Ring devices and customer support since 2016, I have not been offered any incentive to stay and wait. I am using another security service for devices and they are working flawlessly.

I am saying goodbye to all my Rings and Godspeed!

Port Charlotte, FL.

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