Ring app shows old notifications again

I noticed the Ring app will show old notifications again overnight. If I look at my phone and clear the notifications before I go to sleep. When I wake up there is a new notification as if an alert happened overnight. But the last alert was well before I went to sleep. And no new alerts happened overnight. So every morning there is notification as something happened, but it didn’t. So have to swipe it clear again.

Hi @RustyJones! This certainly seems odd, as the notification center for mobile devices are often separate from the app in operation, and deleting the banners should not cause the Ring app to resubmit them. Try clearing the Ring app data via your android settings, removing the Ring app, and then reinstalling it. Please also disable any active vpn on your mobile device to see if this helps. As you mentioned using Android, check out our help center article for a list of apps that might conflict with the RIng app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

A update. Tried the clearing and re-install. Dont have any conflicting apps. It seems like if I go into the ring app, open the event history, which clears the red dot in the app, then I wont see a new alert I need to swipe on the phone the next morning. If I dont go into the event history each night to veiw videos, to clear the red dot, then the next day the alert appears on the phone I need to swipe to clear. So I guess the question is, is there some event in the app that resends not veiwed alerts to the phone overnight? Or is the phone rescanning the app overnight and re-displaying the alerts that are not veiwed?