Ring app shortcut tiles, bug?

Anyone else have this problem? I haven’t found a solution yet.

In the Ring app, when entering into edit mode of the shortcut tiles, I can’t change the order. In fact, the list of shortcut tiles are, for the lack of a better word, flickering and I can’t drag them to change the order. I use to be able to on my Samsung Note8, then this bug appeared earlier this year. Just got a new phone, Samsung S23 Ultra, and it’s doing the same thing on this phone too. Does it on my Wife’s S23 also. That’s led me to think it’s a bug.

Hi @broowk. Would you mind sharing a short screen recording of this? I’d be happy to check with my team on what the issue might be, and confirm how the shortcuts should work in this case.

In this video, notice the labels to the left, and my attempt at moving tiles.

@broowk Thanks for sharing that video. Which version of the Ring app are you using, and which version of Android are you running?

RING - v3.61.0

Currently using a Galaxy S23 Ultra,
But I had this issue on my old Galaxy Note8 too.

@broowk Thank you for confirming that. I’m checking in with my team on this. In the meantime, I’d recommend clearing the Ring app cache and data, then uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app to see if that resolves this issue. Please also check if you have any apps that may conflict with the Ring app. Conflicting apps usually affect notifications, but they may impact other Ring app features.