Ring App+Schlage or Yale guest user programming

I have several homes.
I’m currently changing all over to ring.
Is proficient to have an alarm that is integrated to turn off when a door lock is opened.
I know Rings certified locks.
Not questioning what lock to use.

Question is about the app.
Can not find any information about the app or procedure to program a code for a guest user of the lock through the Ring app.
Can I set the dates the user is going to be at the location?
Like in the Nest app?
Not just the days of the week. Monday-Sunday.
I have several people booking several locations. Daily and months in advance.

When a person books a stay at a location 2 months in advance.
Is best to program a code right away for the person. In calendar dates of the arrival and ending when the guest leaves.
Then forget about it.
While I’m writing this.
Just had a person book 3 days, 8 months in the future.
I can’t make that person a code that starts now.
Then they may as well just have a lockbox thats shared with everyone who ever stays to share the code.
Makes no sense. Wether for 1 house or many.

Defeats the purpose.
I thought I could do this with the Ring. I had already set up Ring alarm and pro cams on 2 properties. But, if I can’t set dates on the door locks.
May have to brick the ring product line.
I’ve searched all over the internet.
Can’t find one video that shows how to set up a guest user code on a ring app for a smart lock.
Getting a bad feeling in my chest that the reason I’m looking for this info. After I already had.
And. Before I drop several more thousand dollars.
That specific information can not be found.
Can anyone give info before I drop a bundle on a potential brick concept.

Hi @user76005. You can add a Guest User who will have a code they can use to unlock the door and disarm the Ring Alarm. This access can be toggled on or off for each Guest User whenever needed. Guest User Scheduling is available for the Ring Alarm, though it is based on days of the weeks and times, not calendar dates. However, Guest User Scheduling is not available for smart locks at this time. You’re welcome to add this suggestion to our Feature Request board, which we use to gather and share feedback with our teams here.

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