Ring App - Ring Alerts keep turning off

This issue is definitely not resolved. I have signed out and back into the app, rebooted cameras, phone, no VPN etc. The motion toggle still automatically switches off.

@Caitlyn_Ring, can you please escalate this?

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Hi @user79811. You’ll need to follow up with our support team if you’re still experiencing this issue. You can reach our support team at one of the numbers available here, or you can send a message on Facebook @Ring to get in touch.

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This issue is still not resolved. This has been happening to me for weeks and I’ve tried all the same fixes as everyone else has. I have no VPN, have deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times…I even let the doorbell’s battery drain completely out of desperation. Nothing works. Motion Alerts are magically turning off until I open the app and go to settings. You can see the slider turn back to “on” when you go into Settings. I’ll get a few notifications after checking the settings and closing the app, but within the hour it’s back to zero notifications. Rinse and repeat.
No I am not wasting hours on the phone with tech support. I had been considering getting another Ring for my side door but not anymore.

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DEFINITELY not fixed. On current Ring version for current Android OS on Samsung. I set Motion Alerts and the Motion Alerts slider and motion alerts work for a while. No more than a day. When I go back into the app I see the motion alerts slider move itself from off to on at the moment that I open the window where the motion alert setting is shown. It doesn’t matter. Even with the slider set at motion alerts, you don’t get motion alerts. The only way to fix it is to restart the phone. Then it works for a short time again. This is very very irritating, and after so many years you would expect ring to have their stuff together. Evidently not. Going back to Amazon to give a bad review.


Same here and after calling them numerous times the SWEAR There’s no app glich! I reported to FCC. My safety, no ones safety ans security is being handled or taken seriously! And they have the nerve to charge for ring protect plans just to record! They need need to let us use lical storage. Its class action time!

I am having the same issue. Please fix it!

No it has not been fixed. Mine is doing the same thing. Started two days ago.