Ring App - Ring Alerts keep turning off

Same problem, android app, always defaulting back to ring alerts off and motion alerts on

Just logged on to the app and noticed that the Ring Alerts are turned off, just like the rest of you. Tried turning them back on, but they are turned off the next time I look. I also noticed that if I turn on Ring Alerts it also turns Motion Alerts on, which I don’t want. Is somebody actually looking into this?

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I am having the exact same problem, only started today. I noticed I was not getting any ring notifications when someone at the door, so went into the app and saw the “ring alerts” toggle was off. So I toggled it back on, and exited the app. Later I went back on the app and it was turned off again!

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I just logged on to the Ring account on my laptop, and changed the settings to what I wanted, i.e. Ring Alerts ON and Motion Alerts OFF, then logged back off. I closed the App (all the way) on my Samsung phone, then restarted it, and the correct settings are now being shown on my phone (Android). Not sure if this will help others?

Same problem here! Iphone 13. Tried fixing from laptop after unable to do so from app as it keeps changing back by itself. Very frustrating.

The same thing is happening to me today. It’s very frustrating as I missed a few events today. Hopefully there’s a solution soon.

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Update: I logged out and logged back in and it seems to be working now

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Hi neighbors. This concern has now been resolved. Your Ring and Motion Alerts toggle should be working normally now. If you are still having the same issue, please reach out to our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.


No matter how many times I set the option for Ring Alerts to ON within the IOS App device panel, every time I move away/close the app and then return to the same screen it has toggled itself to OFF! I have deleted the App, reset the devices but nothing has worked yet.
Anybody else have this problem?
I’ve made a Youtube short of the issue which can be viewed HERE, wherein you can see it resetting as I move between screens.

Still image inserted at hyperlink: Alert_Toggle_issue|473x500

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Yup. Suddenly started on one of my mobile devices yesterday for only 2 of my many cams. Having tested, it seems that they actually are on as notifications come through in spite of the setting toggling itself off. I have even updated the app and with the new release today but the issue remains.

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Hello folks, any help much appreciated. Installed doorbell and chime two day ago and all was working fine. But now in the app the doorbell ring alerts on my app won’t toggle to the on position. I turn it to on and as soon as I exit the screen or close the app the toggle is moved back to off position (though door bell ring notifications are coming through). Motion alerts though toggled to the on position in the app, the notifications aren’t coming through to me (though they are to my partner who I shared with) I am the primary account holder. I have turned phone off and on. Deleted and reinstalled the app. Updated my IOS and nothing has worked. A bit stumped and disappointed as all was working fine. Oh and sometimes the chime doesn’t sound when a motion is detected outside either. All in all not looking good. Any help much appreciated!

Was there a solution to this as im getting it using an amdroid

Hi neighbors, this issue has been resolved. Make sure the Ring app is fully updated, turn off any VPNs on your phone, then adjust the Ring and Motion Alerts toggle. If it’s still not working, please reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here. You can also get in touch with our support team on Facebook @Ring.

It’s Feb 19, 2024 and the ring alerts and warnings have been turning off automatically on my cell but not on my iPad. It started this Presidents weekend holiday . Any idea why?

Hi @user77586. As mentioned in the solution, if you are still having this concern, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

How do we make sure we have the most updated Ring App

Hi @carlzack. You can go to your App Store or Play Store and search for the Ring app. If it just says “open,” then you have the most up-to-date Ring app version available to you. If it says “update,” then you do not have the latest Ring app version and should update.

Having a similar issue in that the ring notifications stop working on my android phone but are fine on my wife’s android phone. The difference is the “motion alerts” is in the on position on all of our ring devises. I have re-booted my phone, uninstalled the ring app, etc. and the notifications will work about an hour and then I stop receiving them on my android phone. The recordings are on my phone but again no notification on my phone but they come in on my wife’s. Like one of the other comments here, during one of my conversations I was told to contact my mobile phone provider. This seems pointless since I have same provider as my wife and we are using the exact same phone that were purchased at the same time. We have check and re-checked the setting numerous times with the same result which is I’m told the defintion of insanity. Thoughts?

Hi everyone i have a similar issue where the motion alert turns off every few hours and i need to turn it back on otherwise no motion alerts at all which beats the point of even owning such a device, this issue is horrible and i have done all the crap the technical team have told me, i have no VPN and the usally delete and reinstall.

Ive done 3 phone call for over 1 hour tring to resolve is and nothing has worked, i also have this on my wifes phone which is diffrent to mine same crap issues

I escalted to the people above the technical team and sent videos.

After1-2 weeks I received a horrendous reply stating that this is normal behaviour for ring products so owning a camera and doorbell that doesnt send alerts is normal and paying for a service that doesnt work is exceptable!

The rip you off paying money to upgrade and offer you crap in return.

Best thing to do is use a really system not something that is broken.

I can see person after person complaining but no action.

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