Ring App - Ring Alerts keep turning off

I just noticed in the Ring App, under Settings that Ring Alerts was OFF. I turned it ON, went back to the main screen, then back into Settings and it was OFF again. We just have 1 Ring Doorbell, and Apple iPhone 12 Mini’s. We just use one account but have the app on our 2 phones. On my wife’s iPhone, it is working properly. If I go into it, Ring Alerts is ON. But mine will not stay ON. I don’t have DO NOT DISTURB on. I also DELETED the APP, then reinstalled it and logged in again. Please help!

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I am having the same exact problem! I was on with 2 techs from Ring and nobody can figure out what’s wrong. It’s working fine on my daughter’s phone. Now they told me to contact my cell phone carrier. I can’t believe someone else is having the same exact issue. Wish it could be fixed! I did all the things that you did on my phone at least 3-4 times and nothing has worked. I literally watched the toggle switch on ringer alerts shut off all on its own! Crazy!

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I’m the same and a colleague too, sons phone the same all iPhones

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Just installed the Doorbell Plus and got it all set up. Right after I sent a share request, I noticed the Ring Alert slider going off when I navigate to a different part of the app. Cant keep it on no matter what. Using Iphone 11. wont stay on

To get around this, I needed to completely remove the device from the RING APP. I then re added it back in and now the Ring Alert Slider does not slide off when I navigate away from the device settings screen. I’m guessing it started happening when adding an older CHIME from a first gen ring db or when tryng to adjust the motion area. It all went to crap after that. will post again if I find a repeatable case that causes it to start happening.

Try removing the Device from the App, and re install it back. Go into Device Settings → General Settings → Remove Device. Then go through the install again (I had to scan a QR code to start)

Me too! Started this morning, i am on Android. This is clearly an issue, as it has only just started, never had this in the past.

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Also happening to me. Ring doorbell Pro 2…can’t turn on Ring Alerts (immediately turns itself off), can’t turn off Motion Alerts (immediately turns itself on).

Tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Tried removing the device and reinstalling. Neither works.

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I am having the exact same problem. I have only noticed it today and i have reset all my phone setting and unistalled and reinstalled the ring app and it is still off!!

My motion detections is staying on but my ring alerts wont stay on at all!

Same but having tested the notifications do come through even though the notifications toggle turns itself off. Sounds like a UI glitch rather than a functional glitch. App updated today and issue persists iOS.

Yes same issue toggle won’t stay on :thinking:

I’m having the same issues, must be something happening today

I think the issue is the app. I just got a delivery I was waiting for and I still got the notification on my phone. Still togged to off on app though

I’m having the same issue on an Android. I haven’t had any updates or changes. I can’t believe the fix is to uninstall a device that’s been active for 4 years…

Same thing keeps happening to me! Must be an issue with the app or something.

I’m having the issue on iOS. There was an app update today, not sure if thats what caused it. Really need them to sort this asap.

I am having the same issue

Hi neighbors. Thank you all for sharing this concern. Rest assured that our team is investigating and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Once I have an update regarding this concern, I will make sure to post it here. I will be marking this as a temporary solution so others that come to this thread can easily find my response. Thank you for your time and patience.

Just registered so that I could also add that both of my doorbells are having the same issue as well.
Gen 2 and gen 4 doorbells using the iOS app in UK.

I have the same problem