Ring app restarts my hearing aids

When I view archived Ring doorbell videos, it causes my Lively brand Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids to restart.
If I view my Ring doorbell in live mode, no restart occurs.
If I view archived Ring videos with my iPhone Bluetooth turned OFF, no restart occurs.
But EVERY time I view archived videos with my iPhone Bluetooth on, my hearing aids undergo a forced restart.
Aside from turning Bluetooth off before viewing archived videos, are there any suggestions on how to avoid this interference with my hearing aids?

Hi @user26566. The Ring app is not compatible with most Bluetooth devices. You can try disabling the Bluetooth permission for the Ring app in your phone settings to see if that helps. If that does not work, the only workaround for the time being would be to disable Bluetooth on your phone when using the Ring app. I hope this helps.

I’ve experienced the same problem in my iPhone. When I exit Event History screen after viewing videos, the Ring app forces my Beltone hearing aids to reset. Turning Bluetooth access off in the Ring app settings doesn’t do anything for this problem. Not a show stopper but It’s irritating. Hopefully this will get fixed.

I have the same issue with my Resound Omnia hearing aids restarting when I drop from looking at event history. If I just drop the Ring app after viewing an event, the hearing aids do not restart. It’s only when I leave an event to look at something else within the app. My spare slightly older Resound Quattro hearing aids do not restart when leaving the event history. That seems rather strange.

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