Ring app opens with Neighbors app screen

This is certainly NOT fixed, and all of the “Official Ring” fixes posted here do not solve the simple problem…

Android ring app. When I open the app I ALWAYS get the stupid neighbor alert screen. EVERY TIME I OPEN THE RING APP. I have disabled every setting in all of the help docs. And gone though all of the post here. Nothing has changed this unwanted behavior of the application. When I open the Ring app, I expect to see my alarm controls and cameras / doorbell. NOT to have to hit the back button or the “x” on the top to see what I have the app for in the fist place. Looks like this has been a problem for well over a year now. Terrible.

This is the screen that ALWAYS COMES UP FIRST when I open my ring app. I have even uninstalled the neighbors app.

Hey there, @Tobin! This sounds a little different from the original thread, so I made your own Topic. Just to confirm your concern, when you open the Ring app it displays this Neighbors app screen more often than not? If this is true, please confirm the following:

  • Did you leave off on the Neighbors by Ring section of the Ring app on your last visit.
  • Did you recent create a post in the Neighbors by Ring section.
  • Did you create your account through the Neighbors by Ring app, or for the Neighbors by Ring community, prior to adding a Ring device?

Not that these should cause this to happen as consistently as it sounds to be, but is something to consider. I would recommend to tap to view any Neighbors updates on this screen, but based on your image example, I do not see any new “read me” badges or updates to “clear”. Feel free to let us know if any of these apply, or do not apply.