Ring app opens with Neighbors app screen

This is certainly NOT fixed, and all of the “Official Ring” fixes posted here do not solve the simple problem…

Android ring app. When I open the app I ALWAYS get the stupid neighbor alert screen. EVERY TIME I OPEN THE RING APP. I have disabled every setting in all of the help docs. And gone though all of the post here. Nothing has changed this unwanted behavior of the application. When I open the Ring app, I expect to see my alarm controls and cameras / doorbell. NOT to have to hit the back button or the “x” on the top to see what I have the app for in the fist place. Looks like this has been a problem for well over a year now. Terrible.

This is the screen that ALWAYS COMES UP FIRST when I open my ring app. I have even uninstalled the neighbors app.


Hey there, @Tobin! This sounds a little different from the original thread, so I made your own Topic. Just to confirm your concern, when you open the Ring app it displays this Neighbors app screen more often than not? If this is true, please confirm the following:

  • Did you leave off on the Neighbors by Ring section of the Ring app on your last visit.
  • Did you recent create a post in the Neighbors by Ring section.
  • Did you create your account through the Neighbors by Ring app, or for the Neighbors by Ring community, prior to adding a Ring device?

Not that these should cause this to happen as consistently as it sounds to be, but is something to consider. I would recommend to tap to view any Neighbors updates on this screen, but based on your image example, I do not see any new “read me” badges or updates to “clear”. Feel free to let us know if any of these apply, or do not apply.

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Every time I open the Ring app, it opens in the neighbors section and I have to hit the back button to get to the dashboard. Every time, regardless of where I left the Ring app. I have uninstalled the neighbors app, uninstalled and reinstalled the Ring app. Set all neighbors notifications to off, and disabled the neighbors app in the Ring app setup. Apart from totally wiping my phone and starting from scratch, I don’t know what else I can do. Oh, and I have never posted anything in the neighbors app.

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I have this problem also. In regard to the questions you asked Tobin, I did install the Neighbors app prior to owning any Ring devices and also prior to installing the Ring app.
I tried uninstaaling Neighbors and clearing Ring cache but Neighbors was still the first screen visible upon launching the Ring app. It is a persistent thing! Any suggestions?

Thanks for trying this out, @jnewtont! Please confirm with us your mobile device model and operating system. If you are using android, please check for any android apps that conflict with the Ring app. It is recommended to also disable any VPNs while operating the Ring app.

Those suggestions aside, if this persists and you are able to, feel free to add a screen recording example of this concern.

Samsung Note 10. Android.
The attached image is an example of the first screen to appear when I launch the Ring app - I see the Neighbors main page instead of my cameras. I have to then hit the arrow (upper left corner) to view cameras. I would rather it start in the Ring app when I click the Ring icon. If I wanted to see the Neighbors info I could click the tile inside of Ring to do that. This seems unnecessary. Thanks.

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Here is the screen recording.

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I also have this same issue. I originally created my ring account from the Neighbors app before I purchased any Ring devices. I’m trying out ring products and might switch all my nest cams over to ring cams, but this app experience is terrible.

Perhaps there’s a bug in the Ring app that redirects this subset of users (Neighbors-created accounts) to the Neighbors section.

I have the Neighbors functionality completely turned off in the control center settings of the Ring app and yet the Neighbors section is always the first thing seen when launching the app.

Fix this asap please.

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After working through this with escalated Ring support for an hour, it’s all but confirmed to be a bug in the Ring app that occurs for users who created their accounts from the Neighbors app instead of the Ring app.

Since I just started using a Ring doorbell a few days ago, I didn’t have much history to care about and just created a new account. Changed the email address of the first account and unlinked my Amazon account. Created the second account with my original email address in the Ring app and the app opens as expected.

I can imagine most of you with tenured accounts wouldn’t want to lose their video history. The rep said he’d be submitting an internal report with a link to this thread to address the bug.

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Thanks for this information @dRuEFFECT. Also, thanks for the time you spent chasing it down. I’m going to wait to see if they (Ring) can come up with a solution which will allow me to keep the email address associated with the account.

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Excellent call on reaching out to support, and diving deeper on this concern. We greatly appreciate this feedback neighbors! :slight_smile:

These examples have been shared with our teams here, while they investigate further. Thank you also for sharing that suggestion to create a new Ring account, @dRuEFFECT!

For any neighbors who are also experiencing this concern, if you need further assistance, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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Hi @kflo. If you’ve tried the troubleshooting steps suggested in this thread and you’re still experiencing this concern of the Ring App opening up directly to the Neighbors screen every time, we recommend reaching out to our support team so they can take a further look. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

Same problem. And it didn’t ALWAYS do this - just within the last two months, maybe.

I’m pretty sure I created the Neighbors account after I had purchased a doorbell.

It’s frustrating to close your garage door on the way out, then have to sit in the driveway to push buttons to try to get to the dashboard to arm.

why is this not fixed?!

i am on android and this completely kills the user experience!

i just spent over $2k on ring equipment and want to return it all because of this

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Same issue here. created account through neighbors before touching anything assotiated with the ring app. Tried the disabling neighbors and turned off all topics. Tried the clear cache and uninstall. None which have fixed it. I would prefer not to create a whole new account and have to start from scratch.

No and this is a back-end issue, not an app or compatibility issue. Any developer should be able to figure it out and do a fix quick. Even a temporary fix of migrating an account should be something advanced tech support should be able to do.

It is most certainly a universal issue that is reproducible 100% of the time. It is extremely easy to pinpoint.

Yes, it has been reported multiple times, for weeks, getting nowhere. Promised call backs, escalations, follow up emails, never arrive. Its been reported on Ring’s own forums.

Ring should be embarrassed about this and this has me questioning my investment into Ring products if they can’t even fix a bug/issue that has existed for nearly a year.

I gave up waiting so I was forced to spend an entire Sunday unregistering dozens of Ring devices, creating a new Ring account, and re-setting up my entire system. I did not have that time and its forever lost. In retrospect, I should’ve just switched back to my Nest secure system.

When we purchased Ring, the first thing I did was use the Ring app. (purchased 2019-ish) I did’t install the neighbors app till much later. Recently I changed our login e-mail, but that was the only thing that changed. After I installed the neighbors app, the primary Ring app didn’t change. I would open the Ring app up and it would immediately go to the primary dashboard with my Ring camera showing. The neighbors app and the Ring app worked fine independent of each other. One day I noticed it was a different screen and I had to hit a left arrow at the top to go “back” to the main dash screen I was used to seeing on launch. After reading through this forum, I decided to make sure it wasn’t a phone issue.
Here is what I’ve done to try and fix this.

I cleared the data on the Neighbors app and uninstalled it.
I went into control center and disabled Neighbors.
Unlinked ring community. (When I logged in it actually asked me if I wanted to download and install the Neighbors app.) Thinking something was somehow stuck. I cleared the data on the Ring app again and this time uninstalled it and rebooted into recovery mode and cleared the cach partition on the phone. (Android note 9) The reinstalled and re-logged into the Ring app. Even after all that, nothing has changed. To be clear, I don’t care that this Neighbors feed exists, I just don’t want it to be the first thing I see when I launch the Ring app.

Based on everything I’m seeing, this data must be coming directly from the Ring servers. They are controlling what shows on the app as it’s primary screen at launch. The disabling neighbors toggle must not address the correct database table and so no matter how many times I log in, I’m going to keep seeing that screen.
Suggestions that require you to essentially create a new account and re-link ring devices works because it’s now using a new set of database tables. That’s not going to work with people who have paid accounts and want to keep the same login information.

I don’t know why anyone would even want to see a Neighbors feed the first time they launch a ring app. This tells me it’s some kind of setting that decides what the primary “home” screen is. Without fully understanding how the database is constructed and how the Ring app communicates, I can only make some inferences as to where the issue is. The suggestion would be to add a way for you to manually set your “home” screen to display what you want to see. Maybe turn the feeds into widgets that you can customize your home screen with in a similar way that fitbit does.