Ring App opens Neighbors feed on startup

I haven’t had any luck finding an answer and maybe the bug is still happening but every time I open the regular ring app it opens the neighbors feed. I don’t even have the neighbors app installed on my phone. Are there any settings I can change to have it open the camera feed instead on start?

I wanna mention too that in the control center my neighbors setting is already disabled

Sethg103 -

What version of the Ring app are you using? Are you, by any chance, using an iPadOS (or IOS) version of the Ring app?

As I mentioned in another thread, I can easily (and consistently) duplicate similar symptoms to yours using the iPadOS version of the Ring app. In other words, if I wanted to drive myself crazy, I could ensure that a Neighbors app screen (instead of a Ring app screen) would be displayed every time I switch to the Ring app.

The problem occurs when:

  • You access the Neighbors app from the Ring app.
  • While in the Neighbors app, you return to the (iPADOS or IOS) Home screen.
  • At this point, the Ring app is still in memory (but it’s pointing to a Neighbors app screen).
  • Thus, if you switch to the Ring app, it will display a Neighbors app screen (instead of a Ring app screen).

I realize that Apple says you that you can leave apps running in the background (instead of closing them), but this is one example where using that strategy will cause problems.

The good news is… if this is what is causing your problem, there are multiple ways to avoid the problem as well as multiple way to fix the problem if it occurs.

Please report back as to whether this solves your problem – so as to help other Ring Community members who may be experiencing the same issues.