Ring App on IOS - Trying to Delete Multiple History Events is Nearly Impossible

I often want to delete mutiple recordings and in the Ring App History will select Edit, then attempt to select those multiple events on my iPad touch screen, then hit delete to remove them all.

It is nearly impossible to select more than 1 recording without the app thinking I actually want to view that event, vs. select it. Worse: once that happens and you view and delete the single event, the Delete option disappears from the bottom of the screen. You have to exit Edit and start all over.

I think the software is too sensitve around the little circle to select - any finger pressure outside that circle is interpreted as “open” vs. “select” - my fingers aren’t tiny, but I don’t think anyone’s fingers are that small!

So, two app problems: hard to select items under History/Edit and if view happens (iinstead of select) why doesn’t the Delete/Deselect All options show up anymore?

Seems like both are software fixes.

Hey @JohnP1. Thank you so much for taking the time to detail this concern here. Rest assured, we are aware of this bug in the iOS app and are working on a fix for this. In the meantime, you will need to ensure you are not viewing an event when trying to delete more than one, as viewing the event and going back to this Edit mode will have the trash can and remove all button disappear. We hope to get this fixed soon, so make sure you are keeping your app up to date! :slight_smile:

Thanks, will do - glad to hear it is being worked on.

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It’s been nearly a year, and I’m sitting here being infuriated by this same issue and figured I’d go searching to see if any work was being done on it.

So, @Chelsea_Ring , any update on this? I’d also add a 3rd issue to the list, which is that if you’re multi-selecting and accidentally scroll far enough down to load new events (a thing you can’t predict or avoid), it leaves multi-select mode entirely, wasting however much time you spent selecting items above your current position.

Hi @EricL80. Happy to chime in for Chelsea here. Would you be able to share a screen recording of this happening? I will be able to share this information with my team. I would also make sure that your Ring app is up to date as well as your phones OS. What version of the Ring app are you using and on what type of phone? I just attempted this and was not able to recreate the issue you are describing, so a video would certainly be helpful. :slightly_smiling_face: