Ring App on Android hangs indefinitely upon tapping on any cam

Hi, my ring app on Android is no longer usable since over two months as it hangs the instant I tap on any cam to see its picture. I’ve submitted tens of crash reports with logs and details of the issue and the issue has still not been fixed. The solution posted on the ring community related to turning off Bluetooth does not work. Please can you get the app fixed as it is pretty much not usable anymore and my ring cams have thus become useless without the ability to easily see what’s going on using the app. I don’t want to have to open a browser and login every time to check anything related to my installed ring cams.

Hey @brzkllh. Have you tried to remove the Ring app, reboot your phone, and then reinstall the app to see if this helps? Does the Rapid Ring app also do this? Do you have an VPNs enabled that may be restricting the app from working? I’m sorry you’ve been having this happening, but let me know if any of these suggestions help or more on your situation. Also, please let me know what kind of phone you have a screen recording of what happens is this continues to persist!

Hi Chelsea. Thanks for responding. I have a Huawei P10 Pro. Yes I have tried clearing cache, clearing data, uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling and the problem remained. I do not have any vpn and I’ve tried both in WiFi and 4G. I also tried the Bluetooth disabling suggestion in vain. I’m attaching the screen recording video of what happens once I tap on any of the cams in my list. Once the screen goes black the whole phone hangs actually and you need to wait several seconds to see the App Not Responding pop up so you can then close the app. As long as I don’t tap on any cam, everything else in the app works fine. Yes I’ve tried rapid ring but it doesn’t provide the functionality I need when tapping on the cam within Ring app itself. Thanks for your support. Here is the link to the screen recording: https://youtu.be/yFvfvsYiML8

Thank you for sharing this example with us @brzkllh! After watching the Video screen recording, the best first step here will be to consider what apps are open and what features are enabled on the mobile device. The top most banner area of your mobile device in the video, shows bluetooth and various other apps are operating during operation of the Ring app. As you mentioned disabling bluetooth and VPN, please also ensure that there are no apps running in the background that might be interfering with the Ring app, such as the Super VPN.

Check out also, our help center article about Android apps that might conflict with the Ring app. Sometimes removing certain apps from your mobile device, can help as a test to optimize performance. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: