Ring App notifications on phone

When I get a notification that someone is at my door if I don’t hear the notification, there is no indication on the app on my phone that there has been an alert, like when you get a text or email the icon has a number on it. This would be very useful so when I look at my phone I can immediately see that there was an alert and then choose to look at the specifics of it on the app. Just would be nice to SEE an alert on the app icon

Hi @Isellhomes, if you can, could you please remove the Ring app from your phone, reboot your phone by turning it off/on, and then reinstall the Ring app? From there, log in and test our events on your device to see if you can get notifications on your phone! :slight_smile:

WHY would I want to do that?


@Isellhomes You should be getting some indication of an alert on your phone when you get a Ring notification, which is why I offer this troubleshooting step since you are not getting it! Feel free to preform this, as it will reset your notification preferences for the Ring app and should fix this concern. :slight_smile:

Apparently I am not making myself clear. I do get an indication on my phone when there has been activity. If I don’t hear it when it comes in I do NOT get a indication on the Ring App Icon itself. The only way I know if I had activity is if I hear it when it comes in or review the list. I would think the app icon would have a number on it like all other ios apps do when there is activity. Please see example attached. As you can see with my Messenger there is a 1 on the icon indicating I have 1 messages waiting. I would think the Ring app would do the same but as you can see it does not have a # on it and I just got a notification but I heard it. no indicator on phone. I hope this makes sense

@Isellhomes Thank you for clearing that up! I apologize for any confusion I had before, but this clears it up for me. :slight_smile: I completely understand what you’re looking for and I’ve made sure to pass on your suggestion to the appropriate teams. Want to know if other neighbors would also like this? As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place!

I’m glad we got that cleared up and we each understand each other. I am glad you took my suggestion and have passed it along. Would be a GREAT feature to have in case I don’t actually HEAR an alert. Have a great day

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Hi my android phone is not receiving any notifications and I’ve tried everything

Hey @redewood. If you could, please try to removing the Ring app from your phone, restart your phone by turning it off/on, and then reinstall the app. Once reinstalled, please log in and allow notifications to reset these preferences. In the event you still cannot get notifications, please check out our Help Center Article here.

I’ve already tried that 3 times and it still won’t work…I’ve looked at all of my settings and can’t see why it won’t work. Three of my colleagues have the app and all of their settings are the same as mine


@redewood What notifications are you not receiving? What Android phone do you have and what OS are you running? Please check out Help Center Article here to ensure you have no apps conflicting with the Ring app.

When I receive a notification and I open the app, it stays buffering for about 1 minute. By the time it opens no one is there.

Im using a Samsung 8 phone and I’m on version 9

I’ve deleted one of the cleaning apps from the list so I guess I will see if that makes a difference.

My neighbour and my partners phone are working when they log into my system so it must be my phone however when I look at their settings all of my settings are the same so i don’t know what I need to do to change it so that the notifications come through. I’m not getting any notifications at all either ring or text mesages/e mails


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