Ring App Not working with Dual Phone Lines - One is a E-Sim Temporary Solutions

I have been struggling for months to look for a solution between my provider and Ring. They are both faced with an internet sync issue between the both lines I believe. The app caters only to one data plan. Throw in your second line with Data and it becomes a problem your phone shows an error connecting.

In order for me to see live when I am out or check live stream not on a wifi connection at home or a business, only using mobile internet, this is how I set it up in my Cellular options. By turning off one of the lines I can see live.

Hope this helps!

Hi @user39558. Thank you for sharing this solution, it may be helpful for other neighbors with a similar situation. :slight_smile:

Hi all, I share here my config that seems to be working with my dual SIM config in Spain (both Movistar, one physical - Empresa and one eSIM - Personal)

Putting it in two posts as I am only allowed one image per post.

Hope it helps!

And the other line’s config:

Let me update myself, the provided configuration seemed to work a couple of times, but then it went unstable again. So only way of making it work for sure is to disable one of the SIMs.

Please Ring support, solve this, it is there since 2022.

Here the link of the unsolved issue: