Ring App Not Working - Motion Detection

I can no longer reactivate motion detection from the iPhone App. Every attempt takes me to the screen to reset the motion zones.

I’m having the same issue. It’s only happening with a couple of my cameras and only on the phone with the app I updated last night.

Edited to add toggling the motion detection takes me to the screen where I can edit motion zones. There, it shows a red bar at the top saying “All motion zones are turned off.” The screen also says “snapshot updating,” but I don’t have snapshot on.

I also updated to 5.54.0 last night which seems to have introduced the problem…

Hi neighbors. If you are unable to activate Motion Detection, try the following troubleshooting steps:

Thank you for this information, neighbors. For now, I have accepted this response as a solution. While we are aware of this concern and as the team continues to investigate, this is a helpful way for other neighbors that come into this thread to try these recommended troubleshooting steps. If these troubleshooting steps do not work, please share in depth information and examples as to what happens so we can pass it along to the appropriate teams. We appreciate your patience and will continue to update this thread with more information. Thank you.

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LMAO! Yeah, post an opinion and declare the problem solved, you’ve got to be kidding!?

Sure, we can control this from your webpage, what then is the use of the App?

I have taken the steps you called (knowing it was a guess at a solution) and as expected it fixed nothing.

My wired Spotlight Cam can NOT have motion detection restarted from the App. Please write up a problem report and get someone to fix the problem (obviously introduced in 5.54.0)…

I agree. Have the same problem with both my wired cams on my iPhone after latest update. Using ring.com is NOT a solution.

I am also having a problem turning on motion zones within the ring app. Having to log into ring.com and do it via the website. This is a recent problem since the last update. Are Ring addressing this issue?

I am having the same issue with motion zones since the update. Message from Ring says they are working on trying to resolve the issue with the motion section toggle on the app.

Coming up on two weeks with this problem with multiple users experiencing it. Any solution in sight? This is ridiculous.

Hi neighbors. There is a new update for the Ring app that was released that has resolved the concern of not being able to activate Motion Detection using the Ring app. It is a slow roll out and if not now, within the next few days you should start seeing the update available to download in your app store. In most cases, your phone will automatically download the new app version when it’s available for it. You also want to make sure you have the latest update available for your phone installed. Thank you for your patience.

Turning it on from the web page worked for me (as in one of the answers above)

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