Ring app not saving settings for flood light

When I go into the device and go to device settings, then light settings and motion zones for lights it shows me 3 triangles that say off. I can click on each to turn them on and then use the slider below to make the zone bigger. I make it the max and hit save in the upper right corner and leave. If I go back in the settings are gone. It’s back to off. And. If I move in front of the light it won’t go on even though it is recording. It used to work until the update to the app. Anyone know why it changed?

I have the same problem except my floodlight won’t stay in the ‘off’ setting.


Same here, just set up floodlight and trying to shrink light detection zones or turn some of the three off and it doesnt save. Have had to turn lights off for the moment as cant screen out the road.

Yeah I had to shut mine off too. Only works in the on or off switch position. Started with an update a couple of days ago.

Same here. Devices to be reliable. This is ridiculous and needs to be fixed ASAP

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I have the exact same problem. This is ridiculous. Major home security issue as I feel the light is the biggest deterrent.

I have had the same problem since the app was updated…this needs to be fixed as it extremely important for security and peace of mind. Enabling this feature was a daily routine for me and has now become a source of frustration. Please fix RING

Yep! I’m having the exact same issue! Has anyone got an answer from ring support? This is a huge security flaw in their product it needs to be addressed ASAP.

Ditto. I have 2 flood light cams, neither will save the motion zone setting.

Same issue here. It keeps turning on when cars drive by since one region captures the street at night. Super annoying, probably more-so for our neighbors. Please fix this ASAP.

Do we have any official statement or a date when this gets fixed?

Not even a response from the company about it never mind a date when fixed.

Thank you for this information, neighbors. We appreciate your patience while the team continues to investigate this. We’re going to have a Ring team member contact you using the same email address associated with your Community log in and Ring account. We’ll be able to give you a more direct line of support and deliver information to the appropriate team at Ring. We will continue to update you with information from the team when we have a more permanent fix.

Thank you for this information, neighbors. For now, I have accepted this post as a solution. While we are aware of this concern and as the team continues to investigate, this is a helpful way for other neighbors that come into this thread to try these recommended troubleshooting steps. In addition, any neighbor that comments in this thread with having this concern will be reached out to personally in order to issue a fix from our end. Please continue to share examples as to what happens so we can pass it along to the appropriate teams. We appreciate your patience and will continue to update this thread with more information. Thank you again!

Since many here have this issue, including myself. It would be nice if Ring posted a response to this issue here on the discussion boards. While I have always been able to talk to people at Ring, they have often not been able to fix anything in a timely fashion.

I am having the same issue. Lights zones will not save on all three floodlight cams. Thanks, Tom

I’ve been having the same issue. Has been driving me insane. I’ve done everything to fix it. I killed the power to the garage, removed the devices and re-installed it, removed the app and cleared my phones cache… still nothing. I can’t seem to keep the motion settings turned on.

I’m having the same issue and it’s becoming a problem. Couple lights won’t come on and others keep coming on. Hit save button button won’t save. Any fix???

Hey neighbors! Just wanted to pass on word that I heard from my teams. It looks like the issue of the motion zones for the lights not saving on the Floodlight Cam and Spotlight Cam has been fixed at this time. Thank you to the neighbors that were patient during this time and I apologize in advance if we were unable to get to everyone that originally had this concern. It is now resolved, so please make sure you have an updated version of your app! If you continue to run into this concern of the zones not saving, please let us know or for a more immediate response, please reach out to our support team here. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this information, neighbors. For now, I have accepted this post as a solution as we have deemed that this trending concern has been resolved. We appreciate your patience again and will continue to keep an eye on this thread in case things change. Thank you!

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Looks like my cameras are FIXED and no longer an issue. Thank you.

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Same problem here. I just installed my floodlight/camera and can’t get the motion zone setting to save. It worked for a minute when I was trying to get the zone figured out. Now, nothing.