Ring app needs two owners

Ring app needs two owners. When we first purchased it we both were able to turn it on or off. Now my wife’s phone doesn’t have it. Why did ring remove it from the original? It disappeared when my wife got her new iPhone.

Hi @user52709. Ring devices have never had the ability to have two Account Owners. It’s more likely that your wife was signed into your Ring account on her previous phone if she had access to the settings. When Shared Users are provided access to a Ring Doorbell, they will be able to control what notifications they get to their phone, as well as have the ability to access the Live View and view the Event History. If you’re a Ring Protect subscriber, Shared Users will also be able to change the Mode.

We have received the request for more than one Account Owner before, which you can find on our Feature Request board here. You’re welcome to vote on that request and add your feedback. We use the Feature Request board to gather and share new ideas with our teams here.

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