Ring App Navigation

When going to devices in the Ring App, it would be nice if the list of categories, Video Doorbells / Security Cameras / Security, were collapsed by default. Esp., when you select Security. If you have a lot of componants installed it can be a long list to scroll thru.

Another suggestion, lets say you have 2 window contacts towards the bottom of a list of 20 items, If I scroll down and check one of them and then back out to check the next item right under it, I have to start scrolling from the top of the list again to get back to the 2nd item I want to check. Can Ring App remember where I started from like other apps do?

Hi @dmoses1969 , thank you for this detailed break down and feature requests. I shared it with the team here that works on the layout.

Any other neighbors who would like this feature please let us know in the comments!