Ring app "motion alerts" not staying in the "on" position!

I have a spotlight camera. When I access it on the Ring.com app, the “motion alerts” toggle button is always in the “off” position. This happens every time I go into the app and look. How can I “save” it to always be in the “on” position? I have my “motion zones” and “motion verification” manually configured the way I like with no problems (i.e. stays “saved” the way I set them). I attached a screenshot to show the toggle button that never seems to stay in the “on” position. Any thoughts?

Hi @rush828. There may be a concern with the notification preferences on your phone. No worries, let’s see what we can do to address this! First, could you remove the Ring app from your phone, restart your phone and then reinstall the Ring app? Once logged back in, make sure to accept and allow notifications to be pushed to your phone. Then, go back into this Device Profile section and ensure you can enable Motion Alerts. If this continues to fail, let me know what kind of phone you are running this on, as well as what OS your phone is running!


Thanks! That seems to have worked

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