Ring app loses ability to watch encrypted videos, requires restart


Since the backend fix for the last Ring e2e encryption outage a new bug has surfaced with Ring app (3.59.0). If I do not use the app for some time (anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours) it loses the ability to watch live video or play back the previous recording for the devices enrolled in e2e encryption. It displays the error message as if my phone is not enrolled in e2e encryption. If I just restart the app, everything works again. Until next time. The problem is 100% reproducible, the question is only about how long after last use of the app.

Because of that, answering the doorbell or watching the alerts real-time is, essentially, impossible. By the time I get an error, exit the app, start it again and start the video, I lose 15-20s.

This never happened before the last outage. It almost looks like the app loses the encryption key and needs to be restarted to reload it.

Hi @ngrigoriev. If possible, can you please share a screenshot of the error message you receive when trying to access Live View or a recording? Additionally, do you have access to an iOS phone or tablet? This can help us narrow down if this issue is isolated to Android devices, or is also present on iOS.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring

It is probably limited to Android only. I do not recall my wife complaining about iPhone app, but she may not be running the latest version. On Android device I run 3.59.0 right now.

Hi @ngrigoriev. Thank you for providing that screenshot. I have notified our team of your concern, and this is being investigated. Once I have an update regarding this matter, I will post it here.