Ring App Issue - Battery Status


I am seeing one issue in ring security system. I noticed one of my ring motion sensor was not detecting motion and in app it was showing full battery.

I replaced with new battery and motion sensor start working.

Do you guys see this issue? I understand from ring support team. They can see more details about battery of each sensors but they are not sharing same information with their customers.

I do see my devices in my home has still full battery after 2 year. Really?

Recently my friend home, some one brake in but motion sensor dint turn off. When he check it’s battery it’s showing full in app but actually it was dead long time back.

So I check at my home and found same issue.

Ring app is not reliable to check battery of any sensors.

Plz do check battery every 6 months or before going for vacation.

They are not reliable.

I talked to customer support and he is not willing to accept the issue. They asked me to log off and log back in.

Ring Plz do needful.

Hi there, @Dhaval! As described further in our help center article, these battery levels should reflect in the Ring app:

  • Green = good (26-100%)
  • Yellow = low (11–25%)
  • Red = warning (1–10%)
  • Red with line through it = empty (0%)

When your battery is low, the Ring app should send out a push notification of such. Please ensure these Alarm alerts are enabled by opening the Ring app, visiting the Menu, tapping on Settings, choosing Alarm Alerts, and adjusting your email/ push notifications as desired. If the above is not happening for you, please test on another mobile device, if possible. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: