Ring APP is no longer working right

When they had about the hacks I believe sis set up to have the extra verification. My APP has been bonkers ever since then. I tried to add the extra verification and it didn’t work. Then for over a week probably 2 now I got nothing but a blank App. But I still got the chime notice etc sometimes able to view if there was something going on with one of the doors but only if I was quick enough to tap the chime notice. Then tonight I got notice my password was reset for security reasons. So I redid the password to a new one and now nothing is showing in the App. No cameras no doorbells. Did I miss something? I mean the Ring still should have the doorbells and cameras or at least I never deleted them. They did work I just didn’t have all access to them. So what gives?

Hey @MyPhotoJourneys! It sounds like you might be logging in as a shared user. If this is the case, you will certainly be notified of activity for the devices you are shared on, but operation of those device might vary based on owner account settings. It’s best to inquire with the owner of the account to compare settings.

If you are not a shared user, and are logging in with the owner account credentials, keep in mind two factor authentication will need to authorize any log in attempts. Please ensure you are using the proper credentials to access the devices at a particular location. Feel free to reach out to our support team for in-depth troubleshooting, if this concern persists. :slight_smile:

Sis said I am a shared user and she changed her password this month. But what does that have to do if I sign in under my own email and password I believe? If I am remembering correctly. Can I use her email and password? I do know it.