Ring app, IOS, continue "button" doesn't work

Both settings were already OK. Still no fix
Will apply my own fix in July.

You may think it is solved, but it isn’t here.

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Any update on this issue?

Hi @user77212. The issue has been resolved, and you can find this information in the marked solution. Having JavaScript or Cookies blocked in your Safari settings would cause the “Continue” button to be greyed out. Enabling JavaScript and unblocking Cookies resolves this issue.

Checked again today and the interface has changed and now works. No changes on my part.
Up and running.

@user73547 I’m glad to hear this issue has been resolved for you. Thanks for sharing!

It is the end of February and this still isn’t working. Every time I call Customer service they give me the steps above and nothing works. When will this be resolved? We’re paying money for a service we’re not able to use!